Perspectives – Part 1

Today the traditional job is few and far between. Few people stay with one employer and work their way up and retire from them after 20-30 years of employment. One avenue that is increasing interest is entrepreneurship, being your own boss. Many people dream of it only some have the resources or courage to do it themselves.

The three people that were generous to give time all had various backgrounds. Mark had always wanted to try something different in business. He ventured into healthcare and was given an opportunity to participate in the purchase of a nursing home. At the time he was single and really felt no one could lose in this other than him so it was not a monstrous risk. The opportunity came to him from a friend that ran a firm of about fifty therapists and wanted something more. They ended into the venture and developed the plans to purchase, refurbish, and run a nursing home. They purchased it and got started in the development of it. After the development, he decided to end his participation in the venture after about two years, due to his own development of a family.