I need some hangover vitamins

Oh man, you did it big last night. You woke up on the floor and after finding your way to the bathroom you thought to yourself. Maybe I need to try some hangover vitamins. You look around the house…

Was it the dog, it has to have been Barney. I think the dog left a mess on the floor. It must have gotten into the Mars wrappers in the garbage again. I mean, who else would throw up on the living room rug like an idiot? We’re all responsible adults, right? Right. It was the dog. End of story.

TV time is big right now, somehow you are on Oprah. Rather, you’ve developed a deep hatred for walking all the way to the other couch to grab the remote. Whether the commercials are a pain in the rear or a brief moment of relief depends on your tastes. Is this why they play low-budget shows during the day? Just to spite you?