Marketing Perspectives part 2

Another, James started in entrepreneurship at about 16 by convincing his hair salon owner mother in a tanning bed. Slowly more beds were purchased and when he graduated high school he bought that part of her business. He really didn’t like the idea of the fruits of his labor going into others pockets. Over time the tanning salon grew and relocated. Then his business grew and diversified including a wireless communications business. He currently still operates it and has no major plans to grow only to make it more proficient.

The last individual, Joe had done various jobs and came into a position running a corporate nightclub. After a few years he decided he wanted to run his own. His position was thankless and he felt he could do a better job given more leeway to do things his way. Joe managed to obtain finances and recently started running his own nightclub and has had success. In the future he looks to expand significantly by purchasing and establishing other bars.shrimp bloody mary