This Pill Can Help Your Hangovers

It’s Friday night, time to get right! You had a big work week, got all kinds of stuff accomplished. Did your laundry, dishes, washed the car, mowed the lawn, ok ok, it’s been a big week. Now it is time to have fun. What are we drinking tonight? Craft beers? nice bourbon? Oh man, it is a tequila night and things are going to get a little sideways.

Now here is a dilemma, do you just party like tomorrow morning doesn’t exist? The potential hangover? You are going to be proactive with a hangover pill. Yep, you are on a roll. You have thought of everything. But does it really work?

Yes, hangover pills work. I was skeptical myself when I started sampling some different ones and have had good success. Now it is not a perfect science, but you wake up with a hangover scale 3 instead of scale 8. Big difference.