Healthy Alcoholic Drinks, Avoiding Diuretics

A lot of your hangover come from not how much you drink but what you drink. I have experimented with drinking healthy alcoholic drinks and it reduces my hangover. You may think this is justĀ a urban legend. But the science behind the biology supports my theory. Lets look at some healthy alcoholic

Many times, when people are drinking they find themselves mixing a stimulant healthy alcoholic drinks(caffeine/sugar) and a depressant (alcohol) together which will cause the body extra stress. Caffeine, carbonation, and alcohol are all diuretics. This means they drain the body of much needed fluids. As your body loses more and more fluid, you become more and more dehydrated.

Now a hangover is more than dehydration. But it is one of the easiest aspects of the hangover to prevent. Just make sure you drink some water between drinks. Also cut back on the sodas, energy drinks, and sugars when you drink and you will feel much better.